October 12, 2004

Edison the Innovator

"Most people avoid opportunity because it's dressed in overalls and looks like hardwork"

From US News & World Report

Edison got the idea for an "electrical grid" by visiting an inventor in Ansonia, CT (9/8/1878). He had a system of (low voltage/high current) electric disharge (carbon arc) lights powered by a dynamo (generator).

Edison basically sold the public a gigantic bill of goods that barely existed on paper. Marketing 101 huh?

Edison innovated on the ligthing --- think big voltage/small current for an lightbulb...then ou could use thin wires...think Ohm's Law...you can get Power either way.

Another great Edison quote that reveals his thouroughly pragmatic side

"At the time I experimented I did not understand Ohm's law. Moreover, I do not want to understand Ohm's law. It would stop me from experimenting"

Many more great stories on Edison and other innovators found in this new book.

Bite the Hand. . .

Manufacturing Snafus are a common part of an industrial operation...but now they are cause for grand jury investigation
Chiron Corp. is being investigated by a federal grand jury after failing to deliver its flu vaccine this year because regulators did not consider it safe.
I doubt the average person will understand that by punishing one of the few companies who fart around with flu vaccines, we decrease the likelihood that other companies will get into the great market.

Feel Better about that?