January 02, 2005

Scary Fish

Found a great Website "Canstats" that has load of statistics and follow ups to bad science & bad reporting. Their list of "great media scares in 2004" is classic. I love the salmon scare most:
Farmed Salmon

From PCBs to sea lice, the media really beat-up on farmed salmon in 2004. It started in January when the journal Science released a report about the differences between PCB concentrations in wild and farmed salmon. But in The Great Salmon Panic of 2004, Kenneth Green pointed out that the levels reported were well below acceptable health standards. This bulletin had an interesting follow-up in November when Jeremy Brown and Kenneth Green in Good News is No News: Media Failure to Cover Salmon Study Skews Public Perception showed that an industry group, following the same methodology, found the PCB concentrations in wild and farmed salmon were much closer. Yet unlike a previous study that had alarming findings, this study received virtually no media attention.
Why would the media report an angle 180 degress from their preferred slant?