March 14, 2005

Old Man River Watts

Verdant Power makes High Humidity Wind Turbines
My wind power brethren say their turbines generate more power when it's humid," said Trey Taylor, president of Washington-based Verdant Power, which makes underwater turbines. "I like to say, 'You can't get any more humid than water."'
and you can't get anymore dorky than this "helical turbine"

Here are specs ....
* Units designed to convert kinetic hydro energy to electric power in ranges from 25 kW to 250 kW depending on model size and water flow velocities (models planned; 25 kW, 50 kW & 100 kW)

* Units deployed in water currents with flow velocities of five feet per second (3 knots) or more, and in depths of at least six meters (20 feet)

* Significant electric power generated when multiple units are clustered into a "field" forming a group of generating units (each field producing power from 100 kW to 10 MW)
I think it can power my cellphone for about a week.