October 12, 2004

Edison the Innovator

"Most people avoid opportunity because it's dressed in overalls and looks like hardwork"

From US News & World Report

Edison got the idea for an "electrical grid" by visiting an inventor in Ansonia, CT (9/8/1878). He had a system of (low voltage/high current) electric disharge (carbon arc) lights powered by a dynamo (generator).

Edison basically sold the public a gigantic bill of goods that barely existed on paper. Marketing 101 huh?

Edison innovated on the ligthing --- think big voltage/small current for an lightbulb...then ou could use thin wires...think Ohm's Law...you can get Power either way.

Another great Edison quote that reveals his thouroughly pragmatic side

"At the time I experimented I did not understand Ohm's law. Moreover, I do not want to understand Ohm's law. It would stop me from experimenting"

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