December 21, 2004

It's the Worst! (except for ...)

Great Observation by Chris Horner in the TCS COP coverage
What's more, under the Marrakech amendments of 2001, Kyoto implicitly classifies generating electricity through nuclear power as a greater threat than climate change, since it excludes it as a permissible method of satisfying the treaty's CO2 reductions. Nukes are the sole known 'GHG-free' technology capable of providing our energy needs.

What else is a greater threat? How about biotechnology? Genetic modification of trees to make them absorb more carbon would be a good tool to use in reducing the threat of climate change. Not according to anti-technology greens, however. 'Genetically modified trees must be banned from the Kyoto Protocol' blared Monday's joint press release of the Friends of the Earth International (FOE-I) and the World Rainforest Movement.

Another green group, the International Rivers Network, has deemed hydroelectric power verboten when considering reductions of greenhouse gases, even though hydro power releases no CO2. Again, it's difficult not to conclude that they believe some things -- in this case, dams -- constitute a bigger threat than climate change