December 14, 2004


Is this weird or what
European companies may be outsourcing work to Indian firms but in one Delhi-based call centre it's Europeans who make up a fair number of the workforce.

"It's so different from Europe - the culture and the way you live - and I think it's fantastic," says Marie Blomquist from Stockholm.

"People are so friendly and the food is awesome, everything is great."
So, it must be the food...
Mr Sahni says the European employees are recruited for a minimum period of a year, but many extend their stay.

And although the employees are paid local salaries, they receive other compensation in the form of free housing, a furnishing allowance and subsidised meals.

Sylvia Sethi, another Swede, says: "We live very well. We have a nice guest house. It's better than we thought before I came here."

She says the job also provides a great opportunity to travel around India.

"Our schedule is done in a way that we can travel around and do things in our free time.

"Also, we get picked up and dropped off for work, a privilege we don't have in Sweden. We also get snack coupons."
So Arab-Muslims go to Europe to work and the Europeans go to India. Why don't the Muslims just go to India? Oh yeah, they already tried that.