December 17, 2004

Fun with Climate Change Part 1

I found this very amusing weblog by a UK professor via TCS: EnviroSpin Watch

Here's a sample...
And how do all the gorgeous, pouting French ladies in their little black numbers stay so chic? "Most French women smoke instead of eating," says Mathilde. [An eco-slip there, shurely, Ed?]

"'Zac [Goldsmith] and I laugh sometimes because we say we'll spend all these years planting trees and so on, achieving this, then we'll die, and the children will go 'Let's chop down the forests or get some GM seeds in.' She watches the sheep making their way up to some young trees they planted..." [Baaa! Go for it kids!]
Once the shi-shi crowd and low IQ celebrity circle embraces something, you know it has jumped the shark.