December 12, 2004

Didn't Know there were any Doubters?

I thought everyone was for it?
In the longer term, a sea area of 150,000 square kilometers ... could provide enough power to satisfy all of Europe's electricity demand,' an EWEA statement said. He gave no timeframe.

But Rowena Langston of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds -- which says global warming must be stopped -- said development was being pushed ahead with scant reference to the impact on the local environment and in particular bird life.

Until there is more robust information, we are not going to overstep our conservation brief and say a project should go ahead regardless,' she told the meeting.

But renewabale energy specialist Bryony Worthington of pressure group Friends of the Earth (news - web sites) countered that the climate crisis was now so grave that birds had to take second place to saving the planet.

The bottom line is that climate change is happening, endangering us all. It is extremely scary,' she told Reuters.

What's scary is people who are for an idea when it is fringe, cost-prohibitive science fiction and then turn against the same idea when it becomes mainstream and commerically viable.