December 15, 2004

Jose Padilla Meet Otto Skozeny

Went on an X-Files induced cyberbinge recently regarding Uncle Sam's radioactive testing on human subjects. Among the most interesting thing was this first clip about our early worries about a Nazi Dirty Bomb
Ideas about radiological warfare surfaced even before the U.S. began its atomic bomb program. Key atomic scientists Ernest O. Lawrence and Arthur Holly Compton proposed a top priority program to develop radioactive weapons in 1941. An atomic bomb program was actually given a lower priority at that point, in part because it was far more complex than producing fission products for use on a battlefield or an enemy city. While most attention soon shifted to the bomb program, anxieties persisted that Germany might develop radiological weapons for use against American or English cities. The Manhattan Project even sent radiation detection instruments to Washington, New York, Chicago, and other cities to prepare for such an attack.

Serious consideration was given to radiological warfare after the war. There was concern that a foreign power, frustrated in its attempt to develop an atomic bomb, might instead turn to radiological warfare. In 1947, the Armed Forces Special Weapons Project of the Department of Defense (DOD) asked the AEC to form a committee to study the subject."
Otto Skorzeny would have been Nazi Agent to pull off such a daring mission.